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Renewable Resources Consultancy has an extensive knowledge in the renewable energy sector. We strive to work in the renewable energy sector and assist our clients in their endeavor to go green. Our services in the renewable energy sectors are aimed at providing 360 degree services from one focal point, to make project implementation seamlessly easy.

We work on

Solar Power

Roof Top Solar

Wind Power

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) or Feasibility Reports or Assessment Studies etc.

  • Commissioning of Renewable Energy Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services.

  • Assisting & monitoring for design, engineering, installation, commissioning, testing, O&M and DPR verification / Performance testing reports.

  • Preparation of tender document as per the Government/Local bodies norms.

  • Carrying out tender evaluation process and assisting in selection of appropriate technology provider in consultation with respective departments.

  • Preparation of drafts and assisting in finalizing and signing of various contractual documents / agreements required for the projects.

  • Monitoring & supervision of project execution and commissioning activities to ensure quality & project time frame.

  • To ensure and evaluate that the project designs and drawings are in line with the project requirement.

  • Capacity building for successful management and operation of the project.

  • To assist in successful commissioning.

  • Assisting in obtaining required statuary clearances from the concerned govt. departments/agencies.

Solar PV Consultancy

Guaranteeing a long-term return on your investment Installing a solar system is a significant investment.

Whether you are installing a utility scale solar park or a roof-top system, RRC team of expert consultants will ensure that you make the wisest investment decision from the outset. RRC specialists will use their skills and industry knowledge to ensure that your decision continues to pay off in the longer term.

Through the earlier stages of a project, RRC can offer feasibility and resource assessments to determine if designated sites are suitable for solar installations.

If multiple sites are available, RRC can then carry out further assessments to select the most appropriate.

Once a site has been selected and a project proposed, RRC will guide the client through the planning application process, advising on how best to get a project approved.

A comprehensive advisory package

Throughout the process outlined above, RRC can offer a comprehensive advisory package that will enable your project to bring in additional revenue for years to come. These services include:

  • Conducting feasibility and resource assessments

  • Identifying the most effective solar PV sites

  • Assisting with planning applications, consultation and appeals

  • Designing the full site

  • Preparing tender specifications and project briefs

Design Implementation for solar systems

The design of the solar system is the most important stage and the most sensitive since it is necessary to observe the temperature and the number of panels to be installed and how to connect them to avoid system failure or malfunction of any of its components, so we do the ideal design to ensure the highest efficiency and lowest cost.

RRC perform the following designs:

  • Design of On Grid systems as per SEC Requirements & Authority standard

  • Design of Off grid Systems and Hybrid Systems.

  • Design of solar water pumping systems.

  • Solar street lighting design.

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