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Renewable Resources for Engineering Consultancy ( RRC ) Is a part of group (contracting, trading & consultancy), RRC established on 2017 as a specialist consultancy office in Renewable Energy & Energy Audit and Management.

Renewable Resources for Engineering Consultancy has been established to provide the Saudi market with the appropriate expertise in the field of solar energy. RRC supports relevant bodies with the necessary studies and specialized designs, supervising the installation of renewable energy systems and carrying out the necessary tests before connecting the system to the grid.

RRC has entered into partnership agreements with one of the best engineering companies with previous experience in the field of solar energy in Jordan to enhance our expertise.

RRC supports a number of activities such as the training of engineers interested in this field through the holding of specialized courses for engineers and training of technicians on the installation and testing using the latest equipment, tools and technologies in the world in cooperation with the World Institute of Electrical Engineering in the United States of America and provide of specialized workshops to educate the community the importance of using and adoption of renewable energy and how to rationalize energy consumption in all aspects of daily life.

RRC provides solutions to our customers in all areas of solar energy, based on accurate scientific and practical analysis by specialized engineers in accordance with global standards. The company has now developed the potential for the construction and operation of megawatt power projects.

RRC engineers have obtained the certification of solar energy designers accredited by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) , as the first engineers in Saudi Arabia they receive this accreditation.

At RRC we believe in our responsibility towards the Kingdom and the community and maintain the highest standard of living in a way that does not contradict our responsibility and awareness towards the world we live in by reducing pollution levels and reducing emissions that coming from power generation.

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